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“Go Read Hayek”

— John Stossel last night on The O’Reilly Factor. Stossel was attempting to explain to Bill O’Reilly why Obamas penchant for taking control of our economic affairs was making it more difficult for individuals to produce wealth and coordinate their … Continue reading

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Hayek vs Arrow & Debreu

A visiting Federal Reserve scholar attempts to explicate the difference between Hayek’s explanatory universe and the Arrow-Debreu explanatory universe using the conceptual language / conceptual straight jacket of . . . Arrow and Debreu: Arrow and Debreu showed that allocations … Continue reading

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The “Global Savings Glut” Sham

Steve Hanke takes a look at the evidence and concludes that Alan Greenspan is simply b*llsh*tt*ng the public when he directs attention to a “global savings glut” and claims that the Federal Reserve has no responsibility for the current boom … Continue reading

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Greenspan’s Fatal Conceit — UPDATED

UPDATED — I took this story from Paul Krugman, and then was pulled away from the computer just as I was working to re-check the context of the quotation.  Turns out, Greenspan was quoted out of context and the story … Continue reading

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Nassim Taleb Interviewed by Russ Roberts

A truly outstanding discussion of risk, hyperinflation, Wall Street, debt, science and other topics. Taleb’s web site is here, and some of the new material discussed in the interview from the new paperback edition of The Black Swan is available … Continue reading

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Photo – Hayek at Oxford, 1985

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