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A Keynesian or a Hayekian moment?

Arnold Kling: insiders [policy makers and major financial executives] see this as a Keynesian moment, in which market breakdowns demonstrate a need for greater government involvement. I see this as a Hayekian moment, in which the dispersal and specialization of … Continue reading

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A full week at #1

F. A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. Last week the U. of Chicago Press ordered 100,000 additional copies of the title from its printer.

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Another interview with Bruce Caldwell

Bruce Caldwell discusses The Road to Serfdom with The Washington Independent.

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One fake authority on the history of economic ideas quotes another

Paul Krugman is at it again.  William Anderson fires back. It’s remarkable how academics are happy to exploit their very narrow scholarly authority to blow smoke in areas of where they have no competence whatever.  It’s clear that Krugman has … Continue reading

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100,000 copies ordered – The Road to Serfdom

The U. of Chicago Press has order a 100,000 new copies of The Road to Serfdom from the printer.

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Bruce Caldwell — thoughts on Beck, The Road to Serfdom & more

The editor of the “definitive” edition of Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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