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Keynesian fail – manipulating “aggregate demand” does not equalibrate the supply and demand for inputs

A basic understanding of the price mechanism exposes the pseudo-science of Keynesian economics: It was John Maynard Keynes .. who ultimately succeeded in rehabilitating a view long the preserve of cranks ..  He had attempted by a succession of new … Continue reading

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The most talked about read of the summer

Angelo Codevilla on America’s Ruling Class.

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Is Obama a socialist?

I take up the question here.

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Is a new bubble the answer?

The Entrepreneurial Mind vs Ben Bernanke.

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Learned helplessness & the road to serfdom

How the leftist elite uses dependence to caponize rivals to their power.

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Former head of the F. A. Hayek Foundation

Martin Chren has been appointed state secretary of the Economy Ministry in Slovakia.

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