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Amar Bhide on Hayek, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Judgment

In The Harvard Business Review. Highly recommended.

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Peter Boettke

Gets some well deserved press.

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The ever dishonest Paul Krugman

Gets called to account one more time for lying about Hayekian business cycle theory.

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Scott Sumner warns against Rajan & White

Don’t listen to the guys who — you know — got just about everything right over the past decade. Let’s not pay attention to economists who — you know — actually understood what was happening before it happened. We can’t … Continue reading

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The Road to Serfdom — now in its 12th week on the Amazon Top 100 list

Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom enters its 12th week on the Amazon’s Top 100 bestsellers list, this week at #73.

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Catching up on things

The “Taking Hayek Seriously” blog will continue at a “vacation” level of activity until sometime after the beginning of the school year, mid-September or so.

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