Amar Bhide on Hayek, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Judgment

In The Harvard Business Review. Highly recommended.

Peter Boettke

Gets some well deserved press.

The ever dishonest Paul Krugman

Gets called to account one more time for lying about Hayekian business cycle theory.

Scott Sumner warns against Rajan & White

Don’t listen to the guys who — you know — got just about everything right over the past decade.

Let’s not pay attention to economists who — you know — actually understood what was happening before it happened.

We can’t let that happen.

The Road to Serfdom — now in its 12th week on the Amazon Top 100 list

Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom enters its 12th week on the Amazon’s Top 100 bestsellers list, this week at #73.

Catching up on things

The “Taking Hayek Seriously” blog will continue at a “vacation” level of activity until sometime after the beginning of the school year, mid-September or so.

Dr. Hayek, Dr. Keynes

And the Fat Man. A parable for our times.

Best article yet

on the reality of current economic situation and how we got here.

The impossibility of socialist planning — The Pantry Proof

The Pantry Proof against socialist economic planning.

ht ricketyclick

20 miles of empty lumber rail cars

I’m driving past 20 miles of these empty railroad lumber transport cars in Eastern Oregon, which are being stored on an unused rail spur. The cars have been there for 2 years. A living image of the Hayekian malinvestment boom and bust cycle:

Data: the boom-bust consumer s…

Data: the boom-bust consumer spending recalculation cycle

Costco sells Hayek by the pall…

Costco sells Hayek by the pallet

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The advantages of competition do not depend on it being ‘perfect’. — F. A. Hayek

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