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Who’s Deader? Hayek or Keynes?

David Boaz does the NY Times Kremlinology. HT Hit & Run.

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Stupid professors produce stupid voters

Anyone who’s been near a University in the last 50 years is well aware of this phenomena. Quotable: “An introductory politics subject, Contemporary Ideologies and Movements, devoted one week to liberalism and conservatism. For the following 11 weeks, it examined … Continue reading

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Desai & Skidelsky on Hayek, Keynes & the current economic impass

In the Guardian: Many are urging a Keynesian boost to deficit spending to revive the economy and/or avoid double-dip recession. We assume that this is unlikely either because experience shows that the multipliers are low and the government believes the … Continue reading

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The State Dept. taps clueless lefty reporter to brief foreign journalists on the Tea Party movement

Kate Zernike, the NY Times reporter who describes “the rule of law” as the weird invention of an obscure thinker named Friedrich Hayek, was invited by the State Department for a foreign press corp briefing on the “extremist” nature of … Continue reading

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Left of center bloggers celebrate “F. A. Hayek — statist & environmentalist”

Kark Smith here, Matt Yglesias here.

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Rove goes Clintonian in walking back his “they aren’t sophisticated” attack on Tea Partiers

I noticed this as well.

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