George Soros Attacks Hayek

Text of George Soros’s presentation at the Cato Institute today here. At the same Cato Institute event today Hayek scholar Bruce Caldwell — who is funded by Soros — explained to Soros that he has Hayek all wrong and that at a fundamental level Hayek’s work actually supports many of Soros’s views and opinions on . . . → Read More: George Soros Attacks Hayek

George Soros, Richard Epstein & Bruce Caldwell on Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty

LIVE 4 p.m. Eastern on BOOKTV here. Order the book at discount from Amazon here.

VIDEO & LYRICS — “Fight of the Century” Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Round 2

INTRO: John Maynard Keynes. F. A. Hayek Round Two. Round 2.0 Same economists. Same beliefs. New microphones. New Mustaches. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.


Here we are. Peace out. Great Recession. Thanks to ME. As you see. We’re not in a depression. Recovery. Destiny. If you follow my lesson. More Keynes. . . . → Read More: VIDEO & LYRICS — “Fight of the Century” Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Round 2

“Fight of the Century” – Hayek vs Keynes Round 2

Watch it here.


Here. Including this update of a Hayek classic — why the worst get to the top:

when you have a system of government so demanding at top levels that few normal people care to participate in it, you will get few normal people at the top levels.

VIDEO — Garrison presents his Hayek vs. Keynes PowerPoint at FEE

On YouTube here.

PHOTO: HAYEK VS KEYNES — “Fight of the Century” 4/28/2011

Richard Peet of Clark U. – Our Latest “Who’s Lying About Hayek Now?” Contestant

Hayek is famous among libertarian academics for being a critic of 19th century laissez faire.  (See, for example, Walter Bock, “Hayek’s Road to Serfdom”).  Indeed, one of the most famous lines in Hayek’s mega-seller The Road to Serfdom is an attack on 19th century laissez faire:  ““Probably nothing has done so much harm to the . . . → Read More: Richard Peet of Clark U. – Our Latest “Who’s Lying About Hayek Now?” Contestant

It Usually Starts With Friedrich Hayek

Writer Charlotte Hays tells her story:

Like most people who went into journalism in those halcyon days, I started out on the left.  We New Orleans scribblers loved then-Mayor Moon Landrieu, father of Senator Mary Landrieu, mostly because, in addition to being a colorful personality, Landrieu had a talent for getting federal money for the . . . → Read More: It Usually Starts With Friedrich Hayek

Robert Higgs on Truth, Error & the Pathological Culture of Academic Economics

Highly recommended.

VIDEO: LearnLiberty Video on Unplanned Order

Introduced here by Lynn Kiesling.

Find more LearnLiberty videos here.

Frydman & Goldberg on Robert Lucas & F. A. Hayek

From Roman Frydman and Michael Goldberg’s new book Beyond Rational Markets: Asset Price Swings, Risk, and the Role of the State:

The problem that haunts the Rational Expectations Hypothesis is the same one that doomed socialist planning: no fully predetermined mechanism that drives market outcomes can, in principle, be uncovered. Basing the explanation of market . . . → Read More: Frydman & Goldberg on Robert Lucas & F. A. Hayek

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The tautological propositions of pure equilibrium analysis are not directly applicable to the explanation of social relations. — F. A. Hayek

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