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George Soros Attacks Hayek

Text of George Soros’s presentation at the Cato Institute today here. At the same Cato Institute event today Hayek scholar Bruce Caldwell — who is funded by Soros — explained to Soros that he has Hayek all wrong and that … Continue reading

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George Soros, Richard Epstein & Bruce Caldwell on Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty

LIVE 4 p.m. Eastern on BOOKTV here. Order the book at discount from Amazon here.

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VIDEO & LYRICS — “Fight of the Century” Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Round 2

INTRO: John Maynard Keynes. F. A. Hayek Round Two. Round 2.0 Same economists. Same beliefs. New microphones. New Mustaches. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. KEYNES: Here we are. Peace out. Great Recession. Thanks to ME. As you see. We’re … Continue reading

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“Fight of the Century” – Hayek vs Keynes Round 2

Watch it here.

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Here. Including this update of a Hayek classic — why the worst get to the top: when you have a system of government so demanding at top levels that few normal people care to participate in it, you will get … Continue reading

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VIDEO — Garrison presents his Hayek vs. Keynes PowerPoint at FEE

On YouTube here.

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