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VIDEO: Larry Summers with Martin Wolf at Bretton Woods — Hayek Resembles that Remark

Larry Summers’ remarks at Bretton Woods on liquidity and asset markets, his remarks on tractability in economics, economic education, and the advance of science, etc. are very Hayekian in flavor — for all of Summer’s vulgar Keynesian political economy and … Continue reading

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The constantly updated “Fed Watch: Hayek is Rolling Over in his Grave” graph page collecting the most important Federal Reserve monetary charts on one web page.

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“Pragmatism” without principle in action:  “This is judicial activism in its purest and most invidious form. Results, not due process of law, quite clearly governed Judge Sumi’s every action. It matters not what one feels the proper scope of public … Continue reading

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ARTICLE: Horwitz Explains Hayek vs Keynes on Production Goods & Investment

Steve Horwitz, “Contrasting Conceptions of Capital:  Yet Another Look at the Hayek-Keynes Debate”. Abstract: Although much of the debate between Hayek and Keynes is today portrayed in terms of policy differences, those are not the most fundamental divisions between their … Continue reading

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Brad DeLong Goes the Full Hayekian

In order to explain today’s economic troubles, uber-Keynesian Brad DeLong resorts to Don Boudreaux’s Hayek-inspired metaphor of puzzle piece coordination. UPDATE:  Much more on DeLong and macro-economic coordination from Steve Horwitz.  Highly recommended.

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APRIL FOOLS TWITTERS @friedrichhayek …

@friedrichhayek April 1st, 2011: There he goes again — Paul Krugman calls Hayek “the Automaton from the planet Trantor” Funnyman Paul Krugman belittles economist Hayek as “living dead” leader of “Seltzer Water” economists: ignorant #PaulKrugman – falsely accuses Hayek … Continue reading

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