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Chrystia Freeland — “Who’s Lying about Hayek Now” Winner!

Here in Reuters.   No, Chrystia, you won’t find “God-given rights” in Hayek.  It pays to slow down enough to get your facts in order, while in the midst of typing away.  Chrystia is “Global Editor-at-Large” for the often suspect news … Continue reading

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Fukuyama vs Everyone on Hayek & The Constitution of Liberty

International relations academic Francis Fukuyama thought he’d get away with an amateurish and error-ridded review of F.A Hayek’s reknowned The Constitution of Liberty. But it isn’t 1992 anymore. It’s 2011 and there’s now this thing called the “Internet” overstuffed with … Continue reading

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What Physics Student Noah Smith Learned in His 2nd Year of Grad School Macroeconomics

Here. Quotable: There were two other big conclusions I drew from that [2nd year macro] course. The first was that the DSGE framework is a straitjacket that is strangling the field. It’s very costly in terms of time and computing … Continue reading

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Francis Fukuyama on Hayek in the NY Times Book Review

Here. I’ve got to say, this may be the most incompetent thing Fukuyama has written on Hayek yet. Fukuyama is producing the kind of work that gives so many second hand dealers in ideas such a bad name. Hayek directly … Continue reading

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A Helpful Discussion on Hayek, Deflation, Overpriced Labor, etc.


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The Most Important Contemporary Work in Political Philosophy is Grounded in Hayekian Social Theory

The big news in political philosophy is Gerald Gaus’s important new work The Order of Public Reason: A Theory of Freedom and Morality in a Diverse and Bounded World. Will Wilkinson flags a noteworthy symposium on Gaus’s book which has … Continue reading

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