LSE Hayek vs Keynes Debate: Selgin & Whyte vs Skidelsky & Weldon

The LSE and BBC Radio 4 are hosting a Hayek vs Keynes public debate, Tuesday July 26, 6:30 – 8 pm at the Old Theatre, Old Building, the London School of Economics featuring George Selgin, Robert Skidelsky, Duncan Weldon & Jamie Whyte, with BBC Radio host Paul Mason in the chair.

The debate will be . . . → Read More: LSE Hayek vs Keynes Debate: Selgin & Whyte vs Skidelsky & Weldon

Created Value Poured In, Destroyed Value Drained Out

Hayek vs Keynes Debate at the L.S.E.

Jamie Whyte has been tapped represent the ideas of F. A. Hayek in a debate with famed Keynes scholar Robert Skidelsky, advancing the economics and political agenda of Mr. Keynes. The debate will be moderated by leftist Paul Mason of the leftist BBC.

Nearing 1,000,000 YouTube views: Hayek vs Keynes “The Fight of the Century”

David Glasner is blogging

David Glasner — an excellent monetary economist — has launched a new blog. Please check out the Uneasy Money blog.

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Of the direct significance of equilibrium analysis to the explanation of the events we observe, I never had any doubt. I thought it was a very useful concept to explain a type of order towards which the process of economics tends without ever reading it. — F. A. Hayek

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