Bill Wittle Presents Hayek’s Knowledge Problem & The Case for A Free Society

George Selgin — Extended Hayek vs Keynes Remarks

Read them here.  Stream the Hayek vs Keynes debate broadcast via BBCRadio4. Quotable:

I especially regret not having been called upon to answer Duncan Weldon’s claim that Hayekians are like dentists who have nothing to offer someone who is suffering from a rotten tooth. I might then have been tempted to point out, first of . . . → Read More: George Selgin — Extended Hayek vs Keynes Remarks

Broadcasting Today — Hayek vs Keynes Debate on BBCRadio4

The Hayek vs Keynes L.S.E./BBC debate featuring George Selgin & Robert Skidelsky will be broadcast today at 3 p.m. Eastern, 12 noon Pacific, and at 8 p.m. in Britain — go here and click on the “Listen” button for the broadcast to listen live, or download here later after the broadcast has appeared.

The BBC Debate: Selgin on Hayek, Skidelsky on Keynes

George Selgin’s case for Hayek & Robert Skidelsky’s case for Keynes — from last week’s L.S.E. / BBCRadio4 debate.

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