Bill Wittle Presents Hayek’s Knowledge Problem & The Case for A Free Society

George Selgin — Extended Hayek vs Keynes Remarks

Read them here.  Stream the Hayek vs Keynes debate broadcast via BBCRadio4. Quotable:

I especially regret not having been called upon to answer Duncan Weldon’s claim that Hayekians are like dentists who have nothing to offer someone who is suffering from a rotten tooth. I might then have been tempted to point out, first of . . . → Read More: George Selgin — Extended Hayek vs Keynes Remarks

Broadcasting Today — Hayek vs Keynes Debate on BBCRadio4

The Hayek vs Keynes L.S.E./BBC debate featuring George Selgin & Robert Skidelsky will be broadcast today at 3 p.m. Eastern, 12 noon Pacific, and at 8 p.m. in Britain — go here and click on the “Listen” button for the broadcast to listen live, or download here later after the broadcast has appeared.

The BBC Debate: Selgin on Hayek, Skidelsky on Keynes

George Selgin’s case for Hayek & Robert Skidelsky’s case for Keynes — from last week’s L.S.E. / BBCRadio4 debate.

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In some fields [science] has developed important theories which give us much insight into the general character of some phenomena, but will never produce predictions of particular events or a full explanation, simply because we can never know all of the particular facts which according to these theories we would have to know in order to arrive at such concrete conclusions. — F. A. Hayek

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