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The Lies Never End — Incompetent Journalism from Yasha Levine & Kate Zernike

I defy anyone to read Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty on social security and get out of it the lies and misrepresentation spread yesterday by left wing journalists Yasha Levine of Nation and Kate Zernike of the hyper-partisan New York … Continue reading

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The Silliness of Krugman, Williamson & Rosenberg on the Scientific Standing of Economics

A lot of silliness in the last few days from Krugman, Williamson & Rosenberg on the scientific standing of economics and the role of tautological equilibrium constructs in the explanatory strategy of that science. The simple and outstanding fact of … Continue reading

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VIDEO – Matt Ridley’s Hayek Prize Lecture at the Manhattan Institute

Watch the video here. Here is the Washington Post story on Ridley & his Hayek Prize.  An condensed adaptation of Ridley’s Hayek Prize lecture was printed in the Wall Street Journal.

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Some Thoughts on Alex Rosenberg & the Nature of Economic Explantion

Russ Roberts interviews my teach Alex Rosenberg on the nature of economic explanation and the role of math in economic explanation here. Some notes and thoughts. Rosenberg’s 1983 paper exploiting the “prediction and control” picture of science was written just … Continue reading

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Stephen Williamson — Quote of the Day

“I tend not to think about the problem of people forecasting in different ways, as things are hard enough already and I want to focus on other things.” – Stephen Williamson 

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The Biggest Crock in All of Economics

This is the damage which Robert Lucas has done to macroeconomics: Let’s deal with some of Mark’s specific complaints about what he thinks practicing macroeconomists have been up to: Macroeconomic models have not fared well in recent years – the … Continue reading

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