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VIDEO – The Hayek vs Keynes Debate sponsored by Reuters Nov 8, 2011

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Roger Backhouse & Brad Bateman Beclown Themselves with Misinformation About Hayek

And economist Steven Horwitz calls them on it. There is a massive amount of both scholarly incompetence or disingenuous malevolence when you look at the literature on Hayek. It’s an embarrassment to the peer review process, to the scholarly pretensions … Continue reading

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Ira Stoll reports from the Hayek vs Keynes Debate

Here.  From the article: The crowd had started out as 47% pro Keynes, 33% pro Hayek, and 20% undecided. At the end of the debate, 52% favored Keynes, 42% favored Hayek, and 6% were undecided. So Keynes still had the … Continue reading

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Larry White’s “Talking Points” for Yesterday’s Reuters Hayek vs Keynes Debate

Larry White’s prepared “Talking Points” for the Hayek vs Keynes debate which took place last night in New York City:  Friedrich Hayek developed a business cycle theory that explains how overly cheap credit from the central bank gives rise to … Continue reading

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LIVE: Reuters HAYEK vs KEYNES DEBATE 5:30 pm Eastern TODAY

Here’s the Reuters web site where the Hayek vs Keynes debate will be streamed live from New York City TODAY, Tuesday, Nov. 8: The HAYEK vs Keynes Debate Web Site The debate features Nobel Laureate Edmund Phelps, Hayek scholar Lawrence … Continue reading

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VIDEO – Nicholas Wapshott discussing Hayek & Keynes at Duke

Nicholas Wapshott speaking Nov. 3 on his book Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics at Duke University.

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