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Hayek interviewed by William Buckley in 1977 on Firing Line

Listen to another section of the interview or read the full transcript here.

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Where is the Serious Study of the Hayek / Keynes Interaction?

Hayek detonated Keynes’ great “Treatise” which Keynes intended as his calling card as a serious theoretical economist, and Keynes was forced to start over.  And we can see Keynes adopting and recasting a variety of Hayek conception in his “The … Continue reading

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Hey Paul Krugman, Leading Economists Have Been Talking About Hayek’s Macro Throughout the Boom & Bust

Um, Mr. Krugman, excellent economists at the Bank for International Settlements have been using Hayek’s ideas to understand the boom and bust throughout the various stages of the current cycle, beginning a decade ago.  And they have been using Hayek’s … Continue reading

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