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An important podcast on shadow money & the boom and bust cycle

I recently came across a terrific Bloomberg On The Economy podcast with James Sweeney and Carl Lantz on “shadow money” — assets which are used as the equivalent of money during the snowball of the asset bubble / artificial boom. … Continue reading

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Hayek & Stephen Williamson on Money Bubbles & “Shock” Applification

(htlm link problems will be fixed when I am able to troubleshoot the issue) A central part of Hayek’s macroeconomics has not gotten enough attention (although it has has not been completely ignored; see also In several places … Continue reading

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A Strongly Negative Review of Nicholas Wapshott’s Keynes Hayek

From Brian Doherty.

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Hayek vs Deflation — Yet Again

“If I were responsible for the monetary policy of a country I would certainly try to prevent a threatening deflation, that is, an absolute decrease in the stream of incomes, by all suitable means, and would announce that I intended … Continue reading

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The Genius of Paul Krugman

“The direct effect of a bursting bubble on measured output is zero. Nor, by the way, is a fall in asset prices counted as a decline in the capital stock, which is in principle measured in physical terms.”  – Paul Krugman

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Hayek on the post bust secondary deflation — again

“It does not follow [from the fact that a disequilibrium generating inflation cannot be allowed to expand forever] that we should not endeavour to stop a real deflation when it threatens to set in.  Although I do not regard deflation … Continue reading

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