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Hayek on the Euro

“I started remarking against the idea of a common European currency, saying why not simply admit all the other currencies competing with yours, and then you don’t need a standard currency.  People will choose the one which is best.  That, … Continue reading

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Hayek endorsed anti-deflationary, publicly announced NGDP targeting in 1975

Friedrich Hayek endorsed the core of ‘NGDP targeting’ 3 years before the idea was ‘first proposed‘ by James Meade in 1978: “If I were responsible for the monetary policy of a country I would certainly try to prevent a threatening … Continue reading

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… unless one of them is Lord Keynes, in which case you get three opinions ….

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VIDEO Larry White on Economics, the Great Depression & the Clash of Ideas

Lawrence White provides an outline and preview of his remarkable new book The Clash of Economic Ideas: Lawrence White and Doug Irwin discuss alternative explanations of the depth and causes of the Great Depression: Lawrence White on money and free … Continue reading

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Available on Kindle, Business Cycles Part 1 & 2 by F A Hayek

The hardcover editions have not yet been released, but you can now download the Kindle editions of the forthcoming Collected Works of F. A. Hayek volumes 7 & 8 — Business Cycles, Part I & II. The Kindle edition of … Continue reading

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Hayek on Buckley’s Firing Line Nov 7, 1977 ‘Is There a Case for Private Property’


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