Best Books of the Year

Another year of terrific books on Hayekian themes.  Here are some recommended titles from the last year or so:

Antifagile by Nassim Taleb — remarkable account of how to harden systems via simple rules for dealing with complexity. Iron Curtain by Anne Applebaum — a stunning history of totalitarianism in Easter Europe The Clash of . . . → Read More: Best Books of the Year

I, Pencil The Movie


I, Pencil Extended Commentary – Spontaneous Order

I, Pencil Extended Commentary – Connectivity

Hayek at the 1961 Symposium on the Principles of Self Organization


“In June 1961, BCL hosted a coming out party of sorts: the Symposium on Principles of Self-Organization at Allerton Park. The symposium brought together such notables as Warren McCulloch, general systems theorists Ludwig von Bertalanffy and Anatol Rapoport, Nobel economics laureate Friedrich Hayek, management guru Stafford Beer, neuropsychiatrist Ross Ashby, logician Lars . . . → Read More: Hayek at the 1961 Symposium on the Principles of Self Organization

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Random Quote

I doubt whether statistics [as they are used by economists] ever can be used for Popperian purposes of falsifying a theory because statistical data — as such — never occur to the theory, therefore we cannot falsify the theory statistically. — F. A. Hayek

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