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F. A. Hayek on economics & his personal history, an interview with Axel Leijonhufvud

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Robert Bork & F. A. Hayek discuss the Courts, Public Opinion and Unlimited Democracy

Watch it here.

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Robert Bork and F. A. Hayek discuss the Cognitive Limitations of Experts, Natural Scientists & Sociologists

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Robert Bork has Died

From the Boston Globe obituary:  “Bork credited reading F. A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom & Whittaker Chambers’ Witness for having ‘destroyed my daydreams about socialism’.”

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Jeffrey Sachs attacks Keynesian Policies, favors Hayekian Explanations

In the Financial Times: “There are three more reasons to doubt the Keynesian view. First, the fiscal expansion has been mostly in the form of temporary tax cuts and transfer payments. Much of these were probably saved, not spent. Second, … Continue reading

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Robert Bork & Hayek on the Philosophical Blunders Leading Intellectuals to Renounce Our Shared Moral & Legal Principles

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