video: Thomas Sowell on the Housing Bust & the “Stimulus”

Thomas Sowell’s new book is The Housing Boom and Bust.

2 comments to video: Thomas Sowell on the Housing Bust & the “Stimulus”

  • 1. Hannity lauded the book profusely and said he couldn’t put it down. Did he really read it? Curious

    2. Hannity asked Sowell whether we are becoming all socialist. Sowell replied by saying that nothing has changes in lending practices. Weird.

    3. Sowell, I am sorry to say, is beginning to sound like a… conservative. Anti-immigration, the cause of the crisis is regulation, and what not. He was mcuh more nuanced and articulate at the time of Knowledge and Decisions. Sad.

  • Zack


    You might be right about his immigration thoughts, and I agree with you that their dangerously conservative, but he’s a step in the right direction either in terms of race policy or general central planning. I would rather his ideas be in power than GWBush, Hannity, or Obama.

    I disagree on the socialism claim. FHA statistics show the general direction of top-down, control by supposed elites. This is the idea of socialism, coupled with all sorts of, what Sowell would call, “unconstrained” thinking.

    Do you really buy into the “fat-cat,” “investor” garbage surrounding the cause of the current recession? Have you read Boom and Bust?

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