video: Peter Schiff Interviewed by TIME’s Justin Fox

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the main issue with Schiff seems to be that he hasn’t changed his tune — and it isn’t a pleasant tune to listen to. He thinks the “phony economy” of the U.S. is headed for even harder times. He believes that the crisis-fighting measures coming out of Washington are merely delaying the inevitable, debasing the dollar and loading future taxpayers with huge debts.

Peter Schiff is the author of Crash Proof:  How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse.  His new book Crash Proof 2.0:  How to Profit from the Economic Collapse is due out in September.

Watch the smash YouTube video “Peter Schiff was Right” here.

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One Response to video: Peter Schiff Interviewed by TIME’s Justin Fox

  1. Roger says:

    “The fact that he was right this time doesn’t mean he’s going to be right the next time, but somebody will be,” says University of Michigan social scientist Scott Page.

    That’s great! So far I have noticed three kinds of responses on the part of the mainstream to the success of Austrian econ in predicting the current crisis. 1) The Mankiw approach–deny that economics has anything to do with predictions. 2) The DeLong/Krugman approach–divert attention from their failures by attacking strawman versions of Austrian econ. And now 3) Page’s approach–deny that truth exists.

    Had I put this in a novel editors would reject it for being to hard to believe. PhD’s cannot be that irrational, can they?

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