course: Political Economy 101 at UC-Berkeley

From the new draft course outline of Political Economy 101 at UC-Berkeley:

“Tentatively and provisionally, the teaching staff believe that all versions of the course taught should cover the thoughts and approaches of John Maynard Keynes, Karl Polanyi, Friedrich Hayek, Charles Lindblom, Anthony Downs, James Buchanan, Mancur Olson, Carl Schmitt, Georg Lukacs, Juergen Habermas, Antonio Gramsci, and Dani Rodrik .. “

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One Response to course: Political Economy 101 at UC-Berkeley

  1. Taylot says:


    Don’t get too excited. He’s only included so they can ridicule and misrepresent his ideas. Look at all the names around him… statists, mathematistical-academics, COMMUNISTS (Gramsci, lololol) and who could forget Keynes, the greatest economist that ever lived (but not the greatest Keynesian that ever lived, or so I hear).

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