audio: Roger Garrison on Capital Based Macro

Here’s Garrison’s “Mises U.” lecture from Monday, July 27 (mp3).  Watch the video with updated PowerPoint slides here, here, here, and here.  Garrison adds lots of topical commentary on the current boom and bust.  Great stuff.

Related —  a new working paper by Foss, Klein, Barney & Agarwal, “Heterogeneous Resources and the Financial Crisis: Implications of Strategic Management Theory.” Abstract:

Macroeconomic theory assumes that factors of production in the economy are homogeneous and fungible. As a result, it is poorly suited for analyzing and developing policy responses to the recent financial crisis. Theories of strategic management and organization, with their emphasis on heterogeneous resources and capabilities, are better positioned. We provide examples of how macroeconomic theory may lead policies astray, and how theories of strategic management provide insight into the nature and causes of the financial crisis and the appropriate policy response.

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