article: Hayek’s Influence on Nobel Prize Winners


“F.A. Hayek’s broad research program has led some to conclude that his impact on economics has been minimal. This citation study examines the frequency of Nobel laureates cited by other laureates in the official Prize Lectures to understand how elite economists influence other elite economists. It finds that Hayek is the second most frequently mentioned laureate in the Prize Lectures, and he has the second most publication citations of the laureates. Hayek’s influence on the top-tier of economists is substantial.”

pdf: “F. A. Hayek’s Influence on Nobel Prize Winners” by David Skarbek, Dept. of Economics, George Mason University.


“Hayek’s influence on Nobel Laureates is, by these measures, substantial. Hayek comes in second – trailing Arrow – under both measurement methods. The elite of the economics profession, Coase, Friedman, Hicks, Hurwicz, Koopmans, Lucas, Maskin, Myerson, North, Phelps, Sen, Smith, and Stigler, all deem Hayek’s work as important and influential to economics. I have presented a very simple measurement; I hope it will stimulate a more thorough and accurate study of Hayek’s influence on the other Nobel laureates.”

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