Ron Paul’s END THE FED — #27 in books at Amazon

Ron Paul’s End the Fed is now shipping.

“Rarely has a single book not only challenged, but decisively changed my mind. ”
–Arlo Guthrie

“Everyone must read this book — Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans — all Americans. The Federal Reserve, which serves private banks, has compromised our economy and is undermining our freedom. It can and must be stopped now. Ron Paul shows us how and why we must end the Fed. Read this book!”
–Vince Vaughn

Read from the book:

From the book, p. 51:

“I had the pleasure of hearing Hayek lecture in Washington, D.C., around 1980. Following that meeting, we had a private dinner together and spent several hours visiting. This dinner, which I remember well, further solidified my interest and confidence in Austrian economics.”

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