William White — “The Man Nobody Wanted to Hear”

Der Spiegel goes in depth on the Hayek-inspired central bank economist who warned the world of the coming economic crisis.

Earlier:  “Who Called the Bust?  Well, BIS Chief Economists William White For One” and “The Man Who Called The Crash Confronted Greenspan Man-to-Man in 2003”.

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3 Responses to William White — “The Man Nobody Wanted to Hear”

  1. George Selgin says:

    I’m pleased to say that White is also one of the tiny number of non-Austrian economists who takes my “productivity norm” argument seriously, having cited it in several BIS papers (see, for instance, < a href=http://www.bis.org/publ/work205.pdf”Is Price Stability Enough?. Maybe his having seen the crisis coming will get some others on board!

  2. George Selgin says:

    Sorry for the botched linked above. Here is one that should work.

  3. Greg Ransom says:

    George, I noticed that myself .. perhaps not an incidental fact. I wonder if White learned his Hayek in the first instance from you ..

    Maybe I’ll drop him a line and ask.

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