Government Broadcasting Does Hayek vs Keynes

Watch Russ Roberts and Robert Skidelsky talk Keynes, Hayek and “economic stimulus” with Ray Suarez on Jim Lehrer’s NewsHour here.  Roberts offers a series of excellent points, but PBS pushes its heavy hand on the scales to effect a pro-Keynes conclusion.  And I don’t  actually recall hearing much if any of Hayek’s case against Keynes and Keynesian economics.

To get some sense of what Hayek thought of Keynes and his economics, read a few of the quotes found here.

If you’d like to read Hayek on Keynes, and get a fuller understanding of Hayek’s case against Keynes, buy a copy of Hayek’s Contra Keynes and Cambridge, only $12.39 from Amazon.

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Hayek’s perennial bestseller The Road to Serfdom — currently #639 in books at Amazon — selling for only $9.94, which is 42% off the cover price.

UPDATE:  Watch the full uncut interview with Russ Roberts and Robert Skidelsky here.

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