The Road to Serfdom — Year #2 in Amazon’s Top 1,000

Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is currently #459 among all books sold at

Week after week throughout 2009 Hayek’s perennial bestseller was among Amazon’s top 1,000 best sellers, most usually in the #200 – #600 range.

A most remarkable achievement.

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One Response to The Road to Serfdom — Year #2 in Amazon’s Top 1,000

  1. Freeman says:

    Hayek is really good, if more Chinese People understand the relation between Economic independence and political freedom, China will have a better future.

    I knew Hayek’s name for more then 25 years, and read at 1984. Only after I came to Canada for almost 10 years, I begin to understand the deep root of fear the Government have planted in Chinese people’s heart.

    Some people want to do some “big thing”, so they tried again and again to play the role of God. they are evil and stupid.

    compare with , Hayek’s observation brings more realistic and reason, his explanation liberated me.

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