Lefty Spinmeister John Gray

puts his dark magic to work explicating Labour man / Hegel expert Raymond Plant on Friedrich Hayek and “neoliberalism”.  Quotable:

An increase in state power has always been the inner logic of neoliberalism, because, in order to inject markets into every corner of social life, a government needs to be highly invasive. Health, education and the arts are now more controlled by the state than they were in the era of Labour collectivism. Once-autonomous institutions are entangled in an apparatus of government targets and incentives. The consequence of reshaping society on a market model has been to make the state omnipresent.

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If one writing contributed more than any other to the framework in which [my book _Knowledge and Decisions_] developed, it would be an essay entitled ‘The Use of Knowledge in Society’ .. by F. A. Hayek. — Thomas Sowel

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