Justin Wolfers – Hayek is a Serious Influence on My Own Work

I don’t think I’m going too far out of school if I report that Justin Wolfers in personal correspondence has identified F. A. Hayek as a serious influence on his own work in economics.  Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised then that Google Scholar identifies 328 publications jointly referencing the work of Wolfers and Hayek.  Which makes even more curious his earlier New York Times blog post.

Justin Wolfers’ web site provides links to many of his numerous publications.

UPDATE:  A scan through the Google Scholar joint “Hayek” and “Wolfers” search shows an “Arnold Wolfers” popping up here and there — but all of the “Hayek” hits seem to reference Hayek, often in association with what Vernon Smith dubbed “The Hayek Hypothesis”. The key overlap conjoining the search for “Hayek” and “Wolfers”would appear to be the voluminous literature on experimental auctions and the “Hayek Hypothesis”.

And a side note — this from Nobel Prize winning economist Vernon Smith:  “Hayek, in my view, is the leading economic thinker of the 20th century.”  (Vernon Smith, “Reflections on Human Action after 50 years”, Cato Journal. Vol. 9, No. 2.  Fall, 1999).

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