AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: _The Constitution of Liberty: The Definitive Edition_

Available for pre-order and coming this fall:  F.A. Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty:  The Definitive Edition edited by Ronald Hamowy.

What a way to honor the 50th anniversary of this scholarly masterpiece, at once both a graduate education in liberal governance and a joyous panegyric to a free society.

If truth be told, this is a much better book than The Road to Serfdom — and in many ways more influential.

Ronald Hamowy — who studied under Hayek at the U. of Chicago while Hayek produced Constitution — is a leading scholar of liberal thought, and I can’t imagine anyone in a better position to produce a scholarly edition of Hayek’s landmark book.  I frankly can’t wait to get a crack at Hamowy’s new Collected Works edition, which promises to revise, expand and extend Hayek’s truly astounding set of quotations, footnotes and historical references.  This will be a feast, and be assured I’ll be one of the first at the table.

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2 Responses to AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: _The Constitution of Liberty: The Definitive Edition_

  1. Eric Auld says:

    Greg, what is the significance of the Kelly Forceps on the cover of the Routledge Edition of The Constitution of Liberty? I can’t figure it out.

  2. Greg Ransom says:

    Eric, beats me. I’ve never seen it.

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