Riddle me this

Why is The Road to Serfdom still #1 on Amazon?

A bunch of folks watched Glenn Beck’s show yesterday and then went online and bought Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, pushing it to the #1 spot at Amazon late yesterday.

But that only explains so much.  The Amazon list is updated hourly.  Today is another day.

And Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is still in orbit at #1 on Amazon.

Here’s my wager.  A lot more than just the few people who saw the Beck show are buying Hayek’s book.  Amazon browsers are discovering the book by the accident of its #1 status, they’re thinking about the news, and they are looking at the price — and they’re buying the book.  And they don’t know a thing about Glenn Beck’s show yesterday.

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  1. Mattyoung says:

    Hayek remain popular because it has a single opposition, Keynes. These two are the debaters of economic philosophy of our time, and we have delegated our economic debates to these two.

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