Press Release — “Classic Economics Text Tops Amazon Sales Rank”

Today, from the U. of Chicago Press. Quotable:

“We continue to be amazed at the lasting relevance of The Road to Serfdom,” says Garrett Kiely, Director of the University of Chicago Press. “After nearly seven decades in print, it is more popular today than at any point in the last 20 years. It is our best-selling e-book, as well. We appreciate [Glenn Beck’s] mention of the book and expect that new readers will continue to discover this important work. It will remain central to today’s most important debates.”

No word, however, on why Amazon has announced a 1 -3 month wait on delivery of new orders for the book, or whether stock of copies at the U. of Chicago Press has been emptied.

And no firm sales numbers documenting the presumed (and mysterious) big spike in sales of The Road to Serfdom sometime around 1990.

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