Bruce Caldwell — thoughts on Beck, The Road to Serfdom & more

The editor of the “definitive” edition of Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

2 comments to Bruce Caldwell — thoughts on Beck, The Road to Serfdom & more

  • Jon Scovell

    What people need to realize when reading Road to Serfdom, is F.A. Hayek talks about “liberal” in the traidtional sense not in modern terms. The “new liberal” does not stand with Hayek who would be described as a classical liberal.

    Milton Friedman describes this:

    I only mention this because people need to respect historical context. How many times have we heard the Mussolini quote, “Fascism is anti-liberalism” in the academic circuit? Liberal in the new sense very much represents a statist over powering central government.

  • Phil

    I agree with the previous comment. The book site has some links that might interest folks. The “liberalism” of Hayek can be seen in his Nobel lecture available there.

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