Constitution Day — Five Reads

1.  Mark Levin, Men in Black.  A great read surveying the evolution and subversion of the American Constitution.

2.  F. A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty.  A marvelous survey of the ideas embedded in the American Constitution.

3.  Christopher Wolfe, The Rise of Modern Judicial Review.  A readable yet sophisticated history of how we got from there to here.

4.  Thomas Woods & Kevin Gutzman, Who Killed the Constitution? A popular version of the evolution of the American Constitution.

5.  Andrew Napolitano, The Constitution in Exile.  Another popular account of the upending of the Founder’s Constitution.

BONUS:  Randy Barnett, Restoring the Lost Constitution.  One of our best legal minds lays out a plan for restoring, well, our Lost Constitution.

BONUS II:  Richard Epstein, How Progressives Rewrote the Constitution.  A short account of what the Progressives have wrought, from one of the brightest men in America.

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