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It’s puzzling, because these people are smart.  Friedrich von Hayek, one of my most admired people, an economist, among the places he taught was the University of Chicago.  He was a free market capitalist.  His Road to Serfdom, great book.  The Constitution of Liberty is a great book.  George Will asked Friedrich Von Hayek in 1975, “Professor von Hayek…?” I’m paraphrasing. “Professor von Hayek, how do you explain that so many intellectuals and particularly economists do not see right in front of them the success and bounties of capitalism, and want to do away with it?”  And von Hayek says, “I have troubled over this for years, and the only thing I can conclude is that for intellectuals, the excitement is in controlling things — and you don’t control things in capitalism.  You control things in socialism.”

Friedrich von Hayek brilliantly laid it right out.  It’s all about power.  It’s all about control, and that’s what Obama’s about.  And anybody paying half attention for the past two years and looking at Obama’s associations and his votes, would have to conclude that he is a man mostly at odds with his public pronouncements.  Now for Mr. Brooks to say, well, I’m just figuring out here three weeks or so ago? My God!

transcript: “Mr. Brooks and the Czars of Obama.” Rush Limbaugh, Feb. 25, 2009.

Limbaugh is paraphrasing this exchange:

George Will:   “Dr. von Hayek, capitalism and particularly American capitalism is seemed to have a good record at giving people a rising standard of living. Why are so many intellectuals, and particularly so many economists, skeptical about and even hostile to capitalism?”

Friedrich Hayek:  “Well, I’ve been puzzling about it for a long time, particularly about the economists who ought to understand better. It’s very difficult to know why they don’t. Ah.. I think it’s a attraction of a system which you can…an intellectual attraction of a system you can deliberately control, which is fascinating to the intellectual.”

UPDATE:  From Rush Limbaugh’s CPAC address, Feb. 28, 2009:

.. what worries me is that this administration, the Barack Obama administration is actively seeking to expand the welfare state in this country because he wants to control it. George Will once asked Dr. Friedrich Von Hayek, tremendous classical economist, great man, 1975, George Will, Dr. Von Hayek, why is it that intellectuals, supposed smartest people in the room, why is it that intellectuals can look right out their windows, their own homes and cars and look at their universities and not see the bounties and the growth and the greatness of capitalism? And Von Hayek said: I’ve troubled over this for years and I’ve finally concluded that for intellectuals, pseudo-intellectuals, and all liberals, it’s about control. It’s not about raising revenue. You think Obama has any intention of paying for all this spending? Folks, if he had any intention of paying for it, he wouldn’t do 90% of it because we don’t have the money.

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  1. Underdog says:

    Oh brother-

    I like to say a blind man throwing darts will hit the target every once in a while. I am not aware of Rush ever advocating a gold standard, criticizing the Fed, giving any meaningful analysis of anything. But if more Rush listening morons read Hayek, all the better!

  2. cole says:

    to Underdog, calling Rush fans morons speaks to your IQ . Sounds like you don’t listen to the program. Thats typical of folks that “know ” what Limbaugh says or thinks. Keep up the good work.
    Heard Limbaugh first mention Hayek back in 1988 when he still had his local Sacramento show.

  3. Jonathan says:

    This is taken out of context. You should have continued to listen to the show after he had said this. He went on to say that we, Conservatives, don’t act like this but what IF we used the same tactics they use against them. He was not advocating big government.

    I don’t know how dense a person could be is they have never heard Rush attack the Fed. This goes on almost every show and it is shocking someone who presents themselves as educated cannot figure this out. Talk about unintelligent analysis of Rush’s show. He does not attract over 20 million people because he gives a poor analysis.

    You say you listen to the show. I have serious doubts that you really listen.

  4. ULYSSES says:

    Rush Limbaugh is a perfect litmus test for the innate snobbery of the commenter. He is – as Bob Hope was – patriotic, clever, interested in books and ideas but not intellectual, extraordinarily popular with an actual paying audience and therefore financially successful, and a generous supporter of the U.S. military. That makes him an anathema to almost everyone who still cares about what their SAT scores were.

  5. David says:

    Tea parties are sprouting up all across America in response to the current administration’s lurch towards socialism. Cheered for this “change” in direction they are being aided along by their willing minions in the media, state and local governments, K-12 indoctrination centers as well as sinister thinkers and useful idiots everywhere.

    Participants of these tea parties are reacting out of frustration and anger over the lack of attention paid to them by their “leaders” – read, want-to-be rulers. Yet, as helpful as these tea parties are in giving people a way to respond and making their voices heard what we really need is a national event. One so huge that it’s sure to get the attention of not only the nation but the peoples of the world.

    We need another signing of the Declaration of Independence. Tea Parties represent an end to taxation without representation, which leads to tyranny and the Declaration of Independence represents the putting off of tyranny. We have had taxation without representation in this country for a long time in spite of our protests at the ballot box. Now we are facing true tyranny and it must be put off.

    It is time we declare as a nation that we will no longer be ruled by an oppressive government that seeks to suppress our freedoms while absconding with our wealth. We need to declare that we will not squander our children’s futures on the dream of a utopia that others before us have proven does not exist.

    We need a new Declaration of Independence. One that declares to those who seek to rule over us, and make no mistake that is what they seek, that we will be heard. We need to Declare:
    1 We are one nation under God. We are not Muslim, Hindu or Atheist, we are Christian. Our values and moral standards come from a belief in one God and from our Judeo-Christian heritage. Our Holidays and celebrations are: Christmas – a celebration of the birth of Christ. Thanksgiving – a celebration of God’s abundant blessings. Easter – a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. These are the celebrations of a Christian nation.

    2 We love freedom. We believe in individual freedoms for all. We believe individuals who are free to create and pursue their dreams and visions are the best means by which to build a productive and prosperous society for all.

    3 We believe in fighting to protect our national sovereignty. We believe one of the few legitimate functions of government is to maintain a standing military sufficient in size and strength for the purpose of defending our national sovereignty. We respect the right of other countries to exist and believe they have an equal right to defend their sovereignty. However, we refuse to surrender the governance of our country either to a foreign military the power or world opinion.

    4 We believe in limited government. We realize that government has no wealth of its own and in order for it do anything, even for it to simply exist, it must first take the wealth of those who possess it. Therefore we believe it is necessary for government to fully justify all taxes levied and to assure that they are used for the betterment of society for all, to accommodate free commerce for all and to defend our national sovereignty.

    5 We believe in equal opportunity not equal outcomes. We realize that achievement is a product of the consistent application of personal strengths and the overcoming of personal weaknesses through commitment and hard work. The best aide that can be given to encourage achievement is the strengthening of each other in our weak areas thus allowing us to overcome. On the contrary lowering expectations of the individual leads to weakness through atrophy of the willingness to commit to the true task of achievement. Such an approach only serves to weaken us as individuals and cripple us as a nation.

    6 We respect all life weather in the womb or out. Each person whether male or female, young or old, black, white, red or yellow, rich or poor is granted the same rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No group is considered more worthy than another. The untimely termination of a life whether young or old is unacceptable regardless of the reasoning.

    7 Political correctness offends us. In an effort to control speech many sinister thinkers worked hard to develop political correctness as a system of censorship. This system was advanced by feigned offence to certain words and ideas. Vladimir Lenin’s useful idiots quickly took up this method to stifle true political debate and scientific discussion. Political correctness offends us and as such we will no longer tolerate it.

    8 We fight for what is right. We have fought for the liberty and freedom of people all over the world sending our young men and women to die for what we believe to be just causes. We have come to the aide of our friends and been patient with our foes. Perhaps no war better demonstrates our desire to defend what is right than the war fought on our own soil for the freedom of an oppressed and disenfranchised people. For during our own civil war we lost more American citizens than all those lost in all of the other conflicts in which we were involved combined.

    9 Our culture has its own traditions, history and hero’s.

    a. Our traditions include:
    i. Liberty and justice for all
    ii. Personal responsibility
    iii. Marriage between one man and one woman
    iv. Marriage before sex
    v. Homage to the God of the Christian Bible

    b. Our History includes:
    i. War for our freedom and the freedoms of other countries
    ii. The tragedy of division and the restoration of unity
    iii. The poverty of a great depression and the blessings of abundant prosperity
    iv. Leadership in industry, science, medicine and education and now the wanton destruction of all these
    v. Committed founding fathers of vision and humble wisdom to corrupt, self-serving and arrogant politicians full of greed and sinister intent

    c. Our heroes include:
    i. General and President George Washington
    ii. President Abraham Lincoln
    iii. Pocahontas
    iv. Harriet Tubman
    v. The Reverend Martin Luther King and many others

    10 America is our country and we want it back. Our heroes have been trashed, our history rewritten, our traditions trampled, in an attempt to destroy our culture. In this new America this wonderland: our soldiers are tried for murder, political correctness is destroying our national intelligence, and life is no longer valued. Equal outcomes are destroying our commitment to hard work, once limited government is now a behemoth like collection of tyrants, and our sovereignty is in the hands of the UN as much as the USA. Freedom is being replaced with oppression and God is being erased from public view.

    This is not the America envisioned by our founding fathers and we want that America back.

    It is time we have another signing of the Deceleration of Independence. This 4th of July, Americans need to travel to their state capitol and express their desire to have their country back. Tea parties are a great idea as far as they go but our leaders need to witness our unity in the fullness of its numbers. Imagine if you would a half million Americans flooding state capitols all across this great country during the celebration of our first separation from the grips of tyranny. The message would be unmistakable. The current Administration would be compelled to listen to us, as would the world.

    Fourth of July being a national holiday means most people will not be working, not to mention that this year it falls on a Saturday. You can still have your BBQ, just have it on Sunday. But on Saturday pack up the kids and drive to your capitol. Spend they day showing your children the statues and plaques that commemorate the founding of this nation as a whole and your state in particular. I promise you it is a day they never forget.

    No matter where in the country you live with the possible exceptions of Alaska, California and Texas you can travel to your state capitol by car within several hours. Even if gas is four dollars a gallon most people could afford to make such a drive. Just pack sandwiches and make a day of it. And if the gas is really that much of a burden for you, invite your neighbor to come with you or ride with them and split the cost. You just might make a friendship that lasts the rest of your life in the process.

    Print out the Deceleration above or write your own and tape it in the window of your car or truck. Bring an American flag and a picnic lunch. Tell your children of the America you grew up in. Regale them with stories of riding in the back of pick-up trucks and riding bikes without helmets. Let them know what it was like to live in a free America.

    But what ever you do – go! Let’s make it the event of the century. But remember be peaceful. Put your NRA bumper sticker on the car but leave the guns at home. Put the pro-life sticker on the car but leave the bullhorns at home. Your presence will be sufficient for America to take notice. Your peaceful presence will silence their criticism.

    If you must gather bring your pastors, preachers, priests, rabbis or other Judeo-Christian leaders to lead small groups in peaceful, respectful times of prayer and reflection.

    For those of you who just feel the need to have something in hand bring your cameras, bring your video cameras and record the day for posterity and to combat the lies and distortions the media will want to publish and broadcast come July 6th. Post the videos and pictures on U-tube, face-book, God Tube and the like.

    Come. Be peaceful. Be seen.

    Please pass this e-mail on to everyone in your address book. Send it to your local conservative radio talk show host. Send it to Rush, Sean and Glen. Some of you will remember Dan’s Bake Sale from Rush’s early days on the EIB. Perhaps he would help us get out the word if we were to ask him. At any rate as your local talk show hosts to get the word out and do the same your self.

    Following is a quote from Ronald Reagan during his California Gubernatorial Inauguration Speech on Jan 5th, 1967.
    o Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.

  6. economicfreedom says:

    “I like to say a blind man throwing darts will hit the target every once in a while. I am not aware of Rush ever advocating a gold standard, criticizing the Fed, giving any meaningful analysis of anything. But if more Rush listening morons read Hayek, all the better!”

    Either you listen to Rush Limbaugh (making you a “moron”), or you don’t listen to him (making you uninformed about what Rush does, in fact, talk about). Rush has often spoken out in favor of a gold standard, as well as having spoken out in favor of abolishing the Federal Reserve. He has also favorably mentioned Ayn Rand (including reading long segments from “Atlas Shrugged”, a book that is now flying off of shelves after all the news of national “Tea Parties”); he has mentioned Milton Friedman; he has mentioned Thomas Sowell (I belive professor Sowell has even guest-hosted his show); he has mentioned Mark Steyn. Rush is a contemporary Eric Hoffer: an “everyman-philosopher.”

    I doubt he has mentioned (though I’m not certain of this) Murray Rothbard or George Reisman. I can also say that I’ve never heard Rush mention Ludwig von Mises. No one’s perfect.

    Rush speaks about things of general interest to conservatives; he does not focus (nor should he focus) specifically on economics.

    You quite clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Dear Clint,

    Pseudo-intellectualism will only get you so far. Using titles such as “neo-conservatism” only makes you part of the problem. You are trying to use a psychological equation to define a mans political stance. The mans stance covers many areas and to focus on a few topics would put him on the street. Not very economically smart.

    I think you are lying about listening to Rush’s show. This is easy to say and many hacks so for debate points.

  8. BF Gilson says:

    Let us not fight about the little things. Let us band together and elect man and woman that can turn this country around.

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