Karl Rove trash-talks the Tea Party

Bush Republican Karl Rove bashes the Tea Party movement: “It’s not like these people have read the economist Friedrich August von Hayek.” Read the whole thing.

I’ll just note that I’ve never meet anyone who’s read F. A. Hayek’s work who calls him “von Hayek” or uses his middle name. The “Friedrich August von Hayek” stuff sounds like a lot of pretension without much content, just to my ear.

And as to the Tea Party movement — just who does Rove think are 100,000+ who purchased Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom in the last 3 months, or the 60,000+ who downloaded the Reader’s Digest version of The Road to Serfdom in the same period, or the 1.5 million who watched the Hayek vs. Keynes rap video since January? Or the thousands upon thousands who have found their way to the Mises web site or this one in search of “Friedrich Hayek” or “Hayek the use of Knowledge in society”, etc. I can tell you nothing close to even half of them come from university IP addresses — and if these aren’t college students and professors, who the heck are they? Maybe, just maybe, some of those dropping by looking for “Friedrich Hayek” or “the use of knowledge in society” are those folks out there carrying “Road to Serfdom” signs at the Tea Party rallies

And we know for sure that at least one of the Tea Partiers running for Congress is a big fan of … Hayek’s economics.

Which calls to mind, wasn’t it the NY Times just two weeks ago which was telling us that the Tea Partiers were getting their ideology from Hayek and his work?

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  1. Roger McKinney says:

    I love it! The arrogant Repubs can’t stand to win so they shoot themselves in the head every time they get close by trashing their best friends.

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