Today’s b*llsh*tter is Andrew Sullivan.  Why is it b*llsh*t?  Because Hayek’s views on “social insurance” and medical welfare became more sophisticated, more market-oriented, and more libertarian every decade after the publication of his popular “Serfdom” tract.  And because Hayek came to understand many of the pathologies of “Universal Health Care” first hand from his son, a doctor in the British NHS.  You can’t simply say that Hayek was an unqualified advocate of “Universal Health Care”.  That’s b*llsh*t.

And, just for the record apropo the other topic of Sullivan’s post, Hayek’s teacher Friedrich Wieser presented what Hayek considered the first and only “scientific” argument in favor of progressive taxation, an argument Hayek rejected and then exploded, pointing out that there was no basis in principle for imposing one progressive tax rate over another, opening the aircraft hanger door to the use of “progressive taxation” by unprincipled politicians as a law-less instrument for buying votes with looted money, and as arbitrary and reckless club for satisfy our most primitive pre-civilized emotions — all under the banner of the un-principled and content-free slogan of “social justice”.

RECOMMENDED:  Harry Frankfurt, On Bullshit.

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