Mainstream Hollywood writer and former top Congressional aid Lawrence O’Donnell declares once again that he isn’t a liberal, he’s an “extreme left” socialist.

Stanley Kurtz, in his new book on Obama and the American Left, documents how most politically active American socialists since the 1970s have consciously adopted a “stealth socialist” strategy in their personal and political lives — creating a fake “non-socialist” persona within a fake “non-socialist” institutional structure for public consumption, hiding from open public view their true and actual socialist aims, conceptions, and ideals.

In his later years Hayek was not very astute at reading contemporary cultural, intellectual, and political currents — and he admitted as much.  Perhaps Hayeks biggest failure in this regard was his failure to understand that hot socialism was alive and well — and ready continually to re-assert itself for the next 60 years, both within academia and around the world.

Congratulations to O’Donnell for speaking openly and honestly about his understanding of the world — something a good many socialists lack the character to do.

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