It looks like Google has blackballed me again — and once again it I can only assume they are doing so for writing posts about Obama’s Marxist background. Google Search almost immediately delisted my “PrestoPundit” website from its search engine when I posted on Obama and the inspiration he derived from his socialist father. And Google has yanked my AdSense account for political reasons in the past. Google is well known for using its company to play politics — and I have no reason to believe they are doing anything other than playing politics once again.

From Google:

Hello Gregory,

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your
application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program
criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program.

We have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the
effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our
advertisers. We review all publishers, and we reserve the right to decline
any application. As we grow, we may find that we are able to expand our
program to more web publishers with a wider variety of web content.

Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the
specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team


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