Has anyone seen this?  It’s a 60 minute interview with Friedrich Hayek conducted in the early 1980s by investment manager Kenneth Gerbino, who headed an organization he’d created called the American Economic Council at the time of the interview.  He’s charging $8.95 for viewings of the video.

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  1. Ben says:

    No, I haven’t seen it. But I’m pretty sure they photo shopped that picture of Hayek. Maybe stuck that head on a different body, or something.

  2. Malthus says:

    Somthing seems wrong here there is a lot of selling rhetoric in the discription, and not one screen shot??

  3. Ariel Cohen says:

    Just saw the film… it’s pretty awesome! It’s mainly an interview conducted in the 80’s where this guy Kenneth Gerbino asked him some pretty mind-blowing questions and his answers were even more interesting. I’ve never seen anything like this about Hayek on the web and it’s pretty cool to see him talking candidly about economics. I really liked it. Also I thought the site was informative though, could use a video or two showing what to expect. But worth the view in my opinion! I liked the film… I walked away wanting to reread the Road To Serfdom… though this was a bit more interactive than a book in the sense that some questions about the path of the economy was what I wanted to know about…being prophetic and all… and to my surprise…it delivered!

  4. Kenneth Gerbino says:

    I apologize for what seems like “selling” this documentary, but the words are sincere.
    This is a very important one hour with Hayek talking about things found no where else.

    My Foundation in the future will promote this film for the next 100 years long after I am gone. Liberty will have a tough time enduring without sound economic policies.


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