The game: take a sentence or two of Hayek’s clause and qualification ridden Germanic prose, and turn it into a 144 character twitter.

Example. Here’s a brief passage from Hayek 1976 essay “Socialism and Science” posted a few days ago in the comments by Richard Ebeling:

“A society in which everyone is organized as a member of some group to force government to help him get what he wants is self-destructive. There is no way of preventing some from feeling that they have been treated unjustly — that feeling is bound to be wide spread in any social order — but arrangements which enable groups of disgruntled people to extort satisfaction of their claims — or in the recognition of an ‘entitlement’, to use the new-fangled phrase — make any society unmanageable.”

And here it is as a 144 character twitter:

When everyone is organized to force government to get them what they want, many will be left feeling that they have been treated unjustly.

Feel free to play the home version on your own twitter feed .. or in the comments below.

UPDATE: Reader rhmurphy at Increasing Marginal Utility: “Nerd game: turn one or two F.A. Hayek’s ugly sentences into a comprehensible 144 character tweet. If this doesn’t make sense to you, pick up a Hayek book, choose a sentence at random, and get back to me ten minutes later when you figured out what the hell he was talking about.”

UPDATE II:  From the comments at Marginal Revolution linked to this post:  “I wish someone would do this for all of Hayek’s works. I hate to admit it, becuase I’m sure it is just me, but Hayek’s writing is so bad I can hardly read it.”

Also this — Hayek Haiku:

if any group can
influence legislation,
all are unhappy

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