APRIL FOOLS TWITTERS @friedrichhayek …

@friedrichhayek April 1st, 2011:

  • There he goes again — Paul Krugman calls Hayek “the Automaton from the planet Trantor”
  • Funnyman Paul Krugman belittles economist Hayek as “living dead” leader of “Seltzer Water” economists: http://bit.ly/fndz9G
  • ignorant #PaulKrugman – falsely accuses Hayek of suggesting public work projects caused Canadian banking collapse of 1933
  • keep it classy, Paul – Krugman disses Hayek as “the mayor of Munchkin Land”
  • oh so witty #PaulKugman derides debt hawk economists as suffering from “Haspergers Syndrome”
  • Citing 1933 letter to Eleanor Roosevelt, Krugman claims Hayek thought swimming pool built in Surrey caused U.S. Great Depression
  • citing “F.A. Van Hayek’s letter to FDR” Paul Krugman slams Hayek as “the patron saint of Asbergerian economics”
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