crisis: World’s Top Liberal Economists Meeting In Special Session

Peter Boettke reports on the emergency meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society held this past weekend in New York City:

speakers included Nobel Prize economists such as Ned Phelps and Gary Becker; famous economic thinkers such as Anna Schwartz, Arnold Harberger, Axel Leijonhufvud, and Harold Demsetz; leading economic policy makers such as Richard Cooper and Justin Lin; major contemporary economic theorists and policy makers such as John Taylor; leading financial journalists such as Martin Wolf; and perhaps the leading financial historian of our age Niall Ferguson.  The program was put together by Deepak Lal.

Gary Becker’s presentation is discussed here, Niall Ferguson’s here.  And don’t miss Boettke’s discussion of his own presentation.

Bonus:  Becker discusses the current call for a massively expanded regime of financial regulations.

UPDATE:  Bonus #2 — Richard Ebeling takes on the increasingly unimpressive Martin Wolf.

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