COMING SOON: Business Cycles, Part 1 by F. A. Hayek, Collected Works, Vol. 7

The forthcoming volume 7 of Hayek’s collected works is available for preview at , including the introduction to the book by volume editor Hansjoerg Klausinger.  The book can be purchased in advance for $55.00 and is due for release in September.

Business Cycles, Part 1 by F. A. Hayek, The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek, Vol. 7, Edited by Hansjoerg Klausinger.

Table of Contents:

Editorial Foreword


Introduction to the Series, by Lionel Robbins (1933)
Preface (1933)
Preface to the German Edition (1929)
Preface to the Reprint of the German Edition (1976)
Analytical Table of Contents
One The Problem of the Trade Cycle
Two Non-Monetary Theories of the Trade Cycle
Three Monetary Theories of the Trade Cycle
Four The Fundamental Cause of Cyclical Fluctuations
Five Unsettled Problems of Trade Cycle Theory
Foreword to the First Edition, by Lionel Robbins (1931)
Preface to the First Edition (1931)
Preface to the Second Edition (1935)
Preface to the German Edition, Preise und Produktion (1931)
Preface to the Reprint of the German Edition (1976)
One Theories of the Influence of Money on Prices
Two The Conditions of Equilibrium between the Production of Consumers’ Goods and the Production of Producers’ Goods
Three The Working of the Price Mechanism in the Course of the Credit Cycle
Appendix: A Note on the History of the Doctrines Developed in the Preceding Lecture
Four The Case for and against an ‘Elastic’ Currency
Appendix: Some Supplementary Remarks on ‘Neutral Money’
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