SHIPS IN JUNE: _Business Cycles_ Part II by F. A. Hayek, Collected Works Vol. 8

Volume 8 of Hayek’s Collected Works is shipping in June and is available now to preview or order at The book — Business Cycles, Part II — is edited by Hansjoerg Klausinger, and includes a useful introduction by the editor, which is available as part of the Amazon preview. The purchase price is $65.00 and there is no Kindle edition.

Table of Contents:

Editorial Foreword

One Investigations into Monetary Theory
Appendix: The Exchange Value of Money; A Review
Two The Purchasing Power of the Consumer and the Depression
Three A Note on the Development of the Doctrine of ‘Forced Saving’
Four The Present State and Immediate Prospects of the Study of Industrial Fluctuations
Five Restoring the Price-Level?
Appendix: Excerpt from a Letter, F. A. Hayek to Gottfried Haberler, December 20, 1931
Six Capital and Industrial Fluctuations: A Reply to a Criticism
Seven Investment that Raises the Demand for Capital
Eight Profits, Interest and Investment
Nine The Ricardo Effect
Ten Professor Hayek and the Concertina-Effect, by Nicholas Kaldor
A Comment
Postscript, by Nicholas Kaldor
Eleven Three Elucidations of the Ricardo Effect
Twelve The Flow of Goods and Services

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