Coming in 2014 — A Collection of Hayek’s Landmark Essays on Explanation & Rule Following in Economics & other Complex Sciences

Available for pre-order from Amazon.  This is a major publishing event, folks, the volume of Hayek’s essays that everyone will want to have on the bookshelf.  This is the core of Hayek’s approach to understanding society and human knowledge, laid out in his best essays.  All in one place.  As I said — MAJOR EVENT.

The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek — Volume 15

Edited by Bruce Caldwell
Prologue: Kinds of Rationalism (1965)
Part I. The Early Ideas
One               Economics and Knowledge (1937)
Two              The Facts of the Social Sciences (1943)
Three            The Use of Knowledge in Society (1945)
Four              The Meaning of Competition (1948)
Part II. From Chicago to Freiburg: Further Development
Five               The Political Ideal of the Rule of Law (1955)
Lecture I.   Freedom and the Rule of Law: A Historical Survey
Lecture II.   Liberalism and Administration: The Rechtsstaat
Lecture III.   The Safeguards of Individual Liberty
Lecture IV.   The Decline of the Rule of Law
Six                Degrees of Explanation (1955)
Seven            The Economy, Science and Politics (1963)
Eight              Rules, Perception and Intelligibility (1962)
Part III. A General Theory of Orders, with Applications
Nine              The Theory of Complex Phenomena (1964)
Ten               Notes on the Evolution of Systems of Rules of Conduct (1967)
Eleven           The Results of Human Action but Not of Human Design (1967)
Twelve          Competition as a Discovery Procedure (1968)
Thirteen         The Primacy of the Abstract (1969)
                     Appendix: The Primacy of Abstract—Discussion
Fourteen        The Errors of Constructivism (1970)
Fifteen           Nature vs. Nurture Once Again (1971)
Sixteen          The Pretence of Knowledge (1975)
Appendix   A  New Look at Economic Theory—Four Lectures Given at the University of Virginia, 1961
Lecture I.   The Object of Economic Theory
Lecture II.   The Economic Calculus
Lecture III.   Economics and Technology
Lecture IV.   The Communication Function of the Market
Appendix B   Economists and Philosophers—Walgreen Lecture, University of Chicago, 1963
Here is the Editor’s Introduction to the volume by Bruce Caldwell


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