bs: Kevin Rudd — Pompous Idiot or Villianous Liar?

Well, judging by the reaction to the Australian Prime Minister’s nasty, out-of-the-ballpark false, and — let’s just say it — delusional attacks on Friedrich Hayek, the consensus seems to be pompous idiot.  Other take-downs of the Prime Minister and his bogus accounts of “the ideas of Friedrich Hayek” can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  Outtakes:

Rudd would have the reader think that Hayek believed the functions of the state should be kept entirely to defense and the enforcement of contracts. I can only assume that Rudd has never actually read Hayek ..

It is now clear that Rudd has never read Hayek, and consequently he doesn’t know what he is talking about …

Which brings us to Rudd’s convenient misrepresentation of the economic philosophies of Hayek and Keynes. Rudd chooses to set them up in opposition, as in a sort of economic Punch and Judy show. He has characterised Hayek as the archpriest of the cult of personal greed. In fact Hayek argued the economy is simply too complex to be managed by a planned order. Market mechanisms, especially the price mechanism, lead to the most efficient use of resources, he said. This is the “spontaneous order” Rudd’s essay refers to …

Those are samples.  Find your own here.

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4 Responses to bs: Kevin Rudd — Pompous Idiot or Villianous Liar?

  1. Rudd also doesn’t believe in helping Aussie victims of crime abroad unless they are young, female and single. As a victim of a shooting, I was offered no help by the Consul, except an offer to ship my body home if I died.

    Rudd won’t address my complaints or answer my questions.

    He and his millionaire wife are happy – why care about Australians?

    Russell Cunning, Australian citizen and shooting victim,
    Kiev, Ukraine

  2. Antony says:

    “Attaining a PhD is just an excuse that all young women are using nowadays to avoid starting families.” – Kevin Rudd, Australian PM

    Kevin Rudd is a conservative asshole scum bag. Rudd demonstrates how out of touch elites are in Australia. Having and raising children properly can be a very expensive undertaking, and the government doesn’t help much in this regard. Australians are working longer hours and salaries haven’t kept up with inflation. Who the hell does he think he is? He’s almost as bad as the previous labour Prime Minister Paul Keating who called university students a pack of dole bludgers. At least with Howard there was no false pretense or hypocrisy. Politicians in this country always seem to target young people; it’s as if we can’t do anything right. We’re either hoodlums that are going to knife you or rob you in the street, as the media often suggests, or we’re university dole bludgers not doing enough for the nation. I think the real reason young people get targeted is that we are a THREAT to the authority of the elites because we see through their Orwellian thought control bullshit.

  3. Tim says:

    Kevin Rudd is an unintelligent prick who hides his stupidity behind a vast web of spin and fancy promises. These promises are then never implemented or if by some miracle if they are then they are fatally botched. He then proceeds to blame the Howard government that while by no means perfect was at least semi-intelligent and knew how to handle they economy. All we heard for the first year of his reign was, “We have inherited a very hard situation from the previous government.” Yeah if you call a massive surplus that he then proceeded to waste then yes I guess so. An the worst thing is he is still trying this now, TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER!!!! All the Rudd government has given Australia in two years is a massive foreign debt, a botched insulation scheme, a preposterous “education revolution” that spent 5 times as much as it should have on building programs the schools didn’t even need, and laptops for all the precious little NSW students.

    Oh but of course! Who could forget the apology! I’m not saying that it wasn’t a great thing to do but it was purely symbolic and using it to justify him as a great leader is simply stupid, dumb and wrong. He is so bad at running this country that he has actually apologised to us for stuffing it up so badly!!! WHAT!?!?! I think that is a first, actually preparing a statement saying how you have fucked this country and its people over, just to try to save some face!!! Thank god the honeymoon is finally beginning to wear off so the Australian public can see what a bumbling, irresponsible fool he and his stupid cabinet really is.

  4. milos says:

    Kevin Rude and his Marxist Lenist mob could not organise a p…up in a brewery. Thanks to similarly braindead ± 200 000 voters who fell for his of neo-communist propaganda, Australia is, yet again, on the way from prospereous state to become a labor banana republic.

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