book: Frank Knight’s “Risk, Uncertainty and Profit” available on Google

The L.S.E.’s 1933 reprint edition of Frank Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty and Profit is available in full view format and in pdf at Google books.  Knight’s text was used as the standard microeconomics textbook by Lionel Robbins and Friedrich Hayek at the London School of Economic in the 1930s and 1940s.  The editorial note of the LSE edition makes it clear that Knight’s book had long been out of print when the L.S.E. reprinted the book.  The Knight reprint was a part of the influential series “Reprints of Scarce Tracts in Economics and Political Science”.  The list of the classic texts reprinted by the L.S.E can be found in the front matter of the book.

Frank Knight added a new preface — 35 pages in length — for the L.S.E. edition.

Ross Emmett’s long awaited Frank Knight and the Chicago School in American Economics was published in January.  Don’t miss Emmett’s Frank Knight web page or his own home page.

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