road: Sales Figures for _The Road to Serfdom_

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I contacted Bruce Caldwell, and he sent along these sales numbers for the new Collected Works edition of Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom edited by Bruce Caldwell, life-to-date sales as of 2/28/09:

  • Paperback edition:   29,057
  • Hardcover edition:       949

The new Collected Works edition was released in 2007, and first year sales account for only a bit more than half of these numbers.  In other words, simple back of the envelope calculations suggest more than 1,000 copies of The Road to Serfdom are sold every month.

The paperback edition of The Road to Serfdom is currently #505 among all books sold at Amazon.

UPDATE: Make that #385 among all books sold at Amazon.

UPDATE II:  An Instalanche has sent Road to Serdom to #329 at Amazon

UPDATE III:  Now #283 …

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  2. Josh says:

    What’s really helping those numbers I bet is the fact that the University of Chicago now assigns Caldwell’s edition of Hayek’s book in one of the most popular Social Science Core sequences (Power, Identity, and Resistance). It speaks very highly for the University to assign such a Samizdat book.

  3. ML Ladd says:

    Sadly, not available for Kindle…

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