radio: The Power of Rush – The Road to Serfdom is #179 at Amazon

Earlier in the week Instapundit linked to The Road to Serfdom and sent the book to #283 on Amazon.

Today Rush Limbaugh talked about Hayek and The Road to Serfdom and sent the book to #179 on Amazon (when I looked very late Thursday).  UPDATE:  It’s now #162 on a Friday morning.  UPDATE II:  Now #140 among all books sold at Amazon.

Here’s a bit of Rush on Hayek:

RUSH: We have a junior from the University of Tennessee, the Tennessee Vols.  This is Jordan on the phone.  Hi, Jordan.  It’s great to have you here.  Hello …

CALLER:  I just have a quick question.  I am in a macroeconomics class. My minor is economics, and my professor drones on and on and on about the supply-side economics and how it does not work. And constantly in my test and even an essay, we had to talk about why supply-side economics does not work and why it’s not fair to the poor and why it increases income inequality.  I just want to know the truth, I guess.  I’m just tired of this …


RUSH:  …  I implore you, Jordan, my man, to investigate independently the economist Friedrich Von Hayek (H-a-y-e-k) from the University of Chicago. He’s long dead.  I urge you to. Does your professor ever talk about Milton Friedman? …

CALLER:  No he hasn’t.

RUSH:  Oh, he doesn’t.  I’m not surprised.  Milton Friedman.  There’s a videotape, DVD series that Milton Friedman did that explains everything you want to know here in a classical economics sense.  He’s written many books. He was brilliant, Milton Friedman.  So is Thomas Sowell, who is at the Hoover Institution on campus at Stanford. But read Friedrich Von Hayek, read The Constitution of Liberty, and read The Road to Serfdom.  They’re tough reads. These are intellectual treatises, but you will not be disappointed.

CALLER:  Thank you so much, Rush.  I appreciate that …

Just for the record, The Constitution of Liberty is currently #876 among all books at Amazon.  UPDATE: The Constitution of Liberty is now at #761; earlier it was at #665.

UPDATE:  Stacy McCain questions the timing.

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