Hayek Research Resources

Reference Material

  1. Hayek’s Currriculum Vitae
  2. Register of the Friedrich von Hayek Papers, 1906-1992.
  3. A bibliography of Hayek’s writings, produced by John Gray in 1982.
  4. Photographs of Hayek, Mises Institute open source collection.

Scientists Developing Hayek’s Ideas


  1. 1.  Joaquin Fuster, UCLA.  (Google Scholar, Amazon Reader)
  2. 2.  Gerald Edelman, Scripps Research Institute.  (Amazon Reader)


  1. Vernon Smith, Chapman University.  (Google Scholar)
  2. George Selgin, U. of Georgia.
  3. Roger Garrison, Auburn University.  (articles, books, Google Scholar, Amazon Reader).
  4. James Buchanan, George Mason University.
  5. Bruce Caldwell, U. of North Carolina, Greensboro.  (articles, books, Google Scholar, Amazon Reader).
  6. Daniel Klein, George Mason U.  (articles, books, Google Scholar, Amazon Reader).
  7. Steven Horwitz, St. Lawrence University.
  8. Lawrence White, U. of Missouri, St. Louis.
  9. Peter Boettke, George Mason University.  (articles, books, Google Scholar, Amazon Reader).

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Random Quote

Civilization developed by our gradually learning cultural rules which were transmitted by teaching and which served largely to restrain and suppress some of [our] natural instincts. — F. A. Hayek

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